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    IT Security Senior Consultant, developer, open source enthousiast, and so much more !

    Hi ! My name is Dan, I am a so called passionate about a lot of things including IT, video games, TV shows, food culture and so much more !

    Don't hesitate to contact me in order to share a cup of coffee or anything else :-)

    Also, don't forget to checkout my portfolio and share your insights, I'd be happy to discuss about any project with you !

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  • Comment faire des backups (FR)

    sam. 25 juin 2016 Dan Lousqui

    Hier, j'ai vu ce tweet:

    Je me suis dit "ah, cette légende, comme quoi les backup c'est de la théorie, tout le monde en conseil, mais personne n'en fait !". Et ben non ! Moi, je fais des backups de mes serveurs / données, et de ...

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  • Introducing Technowatch

    ven. 22 mai 2015 Dan Lousqui

    This days, I'm a lot into news aggregation (Wait for it, Shaarlhot, ...). And I found that there are a lot of website that I often check. For example:

    And the specificity of those website is that "new" items are not ordered by date, but ...

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  • Build an email-sender form for a static website

    ven. 22 mai 2015 Dan Lousqui

    For the 21th time in nearly 10 years, I've built my blog ! However this time, I used a tool that enable me to build it with static pages. I won't deal with the pros and cons in this article, however, a static website comes with some limitation. For ...

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